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Amirhossein Jahani


I have 6 years of experience working with php programming language and I also work in the field of website design.

Most of my activities are in the field of web application and I am completely familiar with the famous php frameworks such as Laravel.

I started working with WordPress and after 2 years I was promoted to wordpress developer and I developed many projects in this field.

Committed and organized in our work, together with a very experienced and professional team that specializes in front‌ end and back end fields and we are busy designing and developing web applications.


I am not saying I am the first in the best, but I am one of the best.
I worked with many languages, including ASP.NET, but after a while I chose PHP experience and work because I was very comfortable with PHP and I have been working with PHP for about 6 years and he continues ...
While working in PHP, I became acquainted with a CMS called WordPress. So far, I have launched many sites with this CMS, as well as written several plugins.
After 3 years of working in PHP, I became acquainted with the Laravel framework, Laravel multiplied my programming power and enthusiasm, and I was able to build my own system after 2 years of work.
While I was learning Laravel, I became familiar with the VueJs framework for the appearance of my sites and systems. I have been working with Laravel for about two years with this user-side framework.
Well, before I learned the programming language, I got acquainted with software such as Adobe Photoshop, and after that with Adobe Illustrator and XD, and I used to work with this software again, but to meet some simple needs and Also the design of this site.
So far, I have tried to joke with my friends and acquaintances and bring laughter to their lips, of course, I am quite serious at work ...


I am not saying I am the first in the best, but I am one of the best.

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USA: +1 904-701-8531

IR: +98 914-694-1147

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Laravel Programmer
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